Logo and brand development should highlight your business’s unique qualities.

Logo and brand development are the first steps in creating or revamping your business. Your logo should be easily recognizable. Your branding should effectively show what sets you apart from competitors.

Developing a brand begins with two initial steps: first, we need to understand your business’ personality and second, we uncover its WOW factor.

Think of your business as a person and begin listing adjectives that describe the way you want your brand to be represented. Do you see your brand as cool, fun, and relaxed? Or perhaps you want your brand to be trustworthy, family-oriented, and reliable? Developing your brand’s personality will set the tone for the way you communicate. From font and colour choices to the written text on your website, you brand’s personality will reflect in all aspects of business.

The WOW factor is equally as important. This is what sets you apart from other competitors. When industries become oversaturated, it is brands with a WOW factor that stand the test of time. Your WOW factor could be anything from having a unique product/service, a special way of interacting with your customers, having a distinct purpose (philanthropy), etc.

Now that we have the foundation to creating a brand strategy, designing a logo takes center stage. A good logo has the power to create an emotional connection with your customer. Without seeing your business name, your customer will be able to differentiate your logo from a mass of others. A good logo is a balance of simplicity, scalability, relevance, memorableness, and versatility.

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What Are The 5 Characteristics Of A Good Logo?

  1. Simplicity – is your logo easy to recognize? Your logo should be simple and not overcomplicated. 
  2. Memorability – does your logo capture the attention of your audience? It should be distinct to set itself apart from the competition. 
  3. Timelessness – does your logo align with the trends of today’s world? Be careful not to be too trendy otherwise your logo can become outdated quickly. Your logo should be able to endure the times. 
  4. Relevance – does your logo match your brand identity and speak to the audience you want to reach? Your customer should be able to see your logo and connect it to your business. 
  5. Versatility – does your logo look good online and in print? Can you easily view it on a mobile, in a newspaper, on signage, and in a video? Your logo should be compatible with all forms of marketing from digital to print. 



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